Mini Storage Buildings

As consumers’ use of mini-storage buildings continues to rise, so does the return on investment and income stream for storage facility owners.  These trends don’t appear to be changing, thus allowing you the opportunity to turn vacant land into a profitable, long-term investment and constant income stream.

At SBS, we use only the highest quality of durable, long-lasting materials.  Given safety and durability are the top priorities for storage unit renters, we guarantee that our mini-storage buildings are built with tight connections and durable materials, giving your storage unit renters assurance that their possessions are safe and secure when stored in an SBS steel building.  Our buildings are also built and designed to withstand wear and tear and external damage, ensuring that your maintenance and repair costs will be minimal, further increasing the return on your investment. 

An SBS mini-storage building is customizable to meet your customers’ needs and demands; we can design a building with the specific layout, unit sizes, and number of units to maximize your return on investment.  

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Advantages of an SBS Steel Mini-Storage Building

  • Durability:  Because our buildings are made of materials designed to protect against water damage, mold, mildew, and termites, you can rest assured that your tenants’ possessions stored in your building will be safe from these potential hazards.  Additionally, as a result of using such materials, your maintenance and repair costs will be minimal, further adding to your bottom line. 
  • Strength:  Steel is one of the strongest, most durable building materials available.  Our buildings are constructed using the highest quality steel, straight wall configurations, and tight connections, ensuring that you're building is able to withstand the elements and will maintain its structural stability for years to come.  
  • Customizable:  SBS steel mini-storage buildings are completely customizable, from the number and size of units, the layout of the building, and the color-scheme of the exterior façade. 

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