Our History is Solid as Steel

  • In 1988, the esteemed industry professional William “Bill” Emrich, a Lieutenant Commander with over 25 years of service in the United States Navy and Vietnam veteran, laid the foundations for Steel Building Systems, Inc. Following his retirement from the Navy, Mr. Emrich embarked on a fresh career journey in the steel building sector, which at that time primarily focused on agricultural and warehouse construction.

  • Over the years, Mr. Emrich’s diverse work experiences across various departments eventually led him to become the sales manager. In 1988, he seized an opportune moment to acquire an existing manufacturing facility, spurred by his foresight into the industry’s potential expansion to encompass structures such as churches, hangars, shopping centers, and self-storage facilities.

  • Launching Steel Building Systems with a handful of employees, some of whom continue to contribute to the company’s growth, Mr. Emrich was driven by a singular vision: To deliver top-quality products while fostering enduring relationships with his customers. His approach to business was one of camaraderie and respect, treating each customer as a friend—a practice that has resulted in many long-lasting friendships to this day.

  • A decade later, in 1998, Mr. Emrich passed the leadership baton to his three children: Danny Emrich, Phil Emrich, and Bunny Parrish. They upheld their father’s business ethos encapsulated in his mantra, “Treat each job with the care that you would for your neighbor.” This philosophy, attributed to William “Bill” Emrich, continues to guide the company’s operations and relationships.